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Elation Professional

Elation Professional is making it easy for lighting professionals to get “on board” with the next step in LED technology.  The company has introduced the Cuepix Series, a collection of blinders and strip lights powered by advanced Chip On Board or COB LED technology, known for its higher-density output and superior all-around performance.

The Cuepix Series will debut with four models:

*Cuepix Panel– 25 x 30-watt COB LED Tri Color RGB matrix blinder

*Cuepix Strip WW– linear strip with 5 x 30-watt warm white COB LEDs

*Cuepix Blinder WW2– blinder with 2 x 100-watt warm white COB LEDs

*Cuepix Strip Tri-- linear strip with 5 x 30-watt Tri Color RGB COB LEDs

COB LEDs differ from surface mount (SMD) LEDs in that the multiple LED diodes are directly mounted on and electrically connected to its circuit board as one lighting module.  Since there is no conventional device SMT (surface mount technology) packaging, interconnection lengths are shortened and thermal resistance is better as well.  This results in improved performance and reliability. COBs typically provide greater output from a smaller illumination source, more even light distribution, better color homogenization and better heat dissipation.

“With the debut of the Cuepix Series, Elation is proud to introduce our first   LED   products that feature COB technology,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “We have been testing and using this technology for a few years, and it is now mature and stable enough to bring to the market with this series. We are committed to making the latest advances in lighting technology available to our customers, and we believe that COB LEDs represent a major breakthrough that will offer lighting professionals numerous advantages.

“Providing more output from one source, thus fewer points of light in products, results in fewer shadows and better color mixing.  In addition to improved lumen performance and consistency, COB technology allows us, as a manufacturer, to be more cost-efficient in designing and manufacturing lighting products,” added Loader, “which of course is a big plus for our customers in terms of the value and innovation we can offer. Take a look at the Cuepix Series and you’ll see what we mean!”

Ideal for adding high-impact white or colored light at theaters, concerts, tours and productions of all types, the Cuepix Series not only offers superior output, power and performance, the products are also equipped with features that will help lighting pros turn their creative vision into stunning designs. For example, all models in the series include individual pixel control of each COB, as well as full DMX control with built-in effects macros.

Click on their website www.hmhid.com for more information.