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LED A19 Light Bulbs

GP Conservation is the premier online retailer for energy efficient products and is privileged to offer GE LEDs because of their high quality and innovation. GE’s new omni-directional feature on the LED A19 is propelling LED technology forward. The new 13-watt omni-directional A19 LED lamp is the first true multi-purpose LED replacement for a traditional 60-watt incandescent light bulb. Consumers benefit from energy efficient, long lasting, high quality omni-directional lighting without sacrificing reduced brightness or poor light distribution in their homes.

LED bulbs have traditionally been best suited for directional lighting often limiting LED lamps to recessed cans and track lighting applications. The omni-directional feature serves to emit light in all directions. GE’s 13-watt A19 LED with omni-directional light can be used in multiple applications including table lamps, desk lamps, wall sconces and ceiling fixtures. There are additional benefits of upgrading to GE LED bulbs in the home, office or for commercial use. Additional benefits include energy efficiency, cost savings and quality of the bulb.

Energy efficiency is a common principle between GE Lighting and GP Conservation. The amount of energy saved by replacing a standard incandescent with an LED is significant. GE Lighting website says, “If every American household replaced one 40-watt incandescent bulb with one 9-watt GE energy smart LED, it would prevent 5 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year and save almost $400 million in annual energy costs.” Consider that one 40-watt incandescent bulb replaced with one GE 9-watt A19 (66390) LED bulb is a 31-watt reduction. For this singular bulb, it translates to almost 80% energy savings. This reduction in energy use will result in a lower electricity bill, providing real energy savings and cost savings to the homeowner or business.

The long rated life on GE energy smart LED bulbs results in less bulb replacements needed over time. One GE LED bulb replaces between 18-31 incandescent lamps over the life expectancy of the product. Less bulbs purchased equals less bulbs thrown away in landfills and ultimately causes fewer bulbs to be manufactured in the first place. In essence, by installing a GE energy smart LED bulb there are direct and indirect savings. First of all LEDs save money by using significantly less energy every time consumers flip the light switch on. Secondly, fewer bulb replacements lead to fewer replacement purchases at the store, allowing consumers to save their money and providing environmental benefits to the planet.

LED bulbs are able to save energy because they more efficiently create light

, measured in lumens (light output) per watt (energy use), compared to older lighting technologies. In a standard incandescent bulb, 90% of the energy is released as heat instead of light. A GE energy smart LED bulb creates light more efficiently and reduces energy waste. GE LEDs release only 75% of their energy as heat. Intuitively the energy wasted on heat instead of light seems high, but the way an LED distributes that heat is effective and intentional.

To ensure the longevity of its new product, GE Lighting engineers high quality LED bulbs that absorb any harmful heat into a heat sink. The heat sink prevents the LED from overheating and dissipates the heat into the surrounding air. Consumers can test this easily at home. The internal heat sink will warm up, but the GE LED bulb surface will stay cool to the touch even after long hours of operation. According to ENERGY STAR, “Thermal management is probably the single most important factor in the successful performance of an LED product over its lifetime…”

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